Monday, December 12, 2011


Ramai yang melihat keadaan realiti hari ini, memerlukan kita menjadi seorang yang petah bercakap. Kesannya, hari ini, ramai yang boleh bercakap, namun ramai yang terlepas pandang pada SILENT LANGUAGE.

(attention; this report will be writtwn in English since the notes obtained from the talk mainly in English Language.)

Silent language is a term used to show the non verbal things that we seldom to forget in our daily life. Non verbal things such as dress, posture, facial expression, eye contact, hand, arm and leg movement, body tension, voice, smell,and etc are some examples of silent language that can gives other people's first impression towards us. 

We need to maintain a good silent language, because those silent language has been forgotten nowadays, and    can be one of the reason why people graduated from university with a very good achievement still cannot do well in their interviews.

She also listed some mind maps to be a better person in silent language. First, we have to set in our mind that we are leaders, not a follower. Therefore, we must think BIG and make impossible things possible. Second, we have to bare in mind that our body language never lie, and every movement of our body is under observation of the other people. Third, the spirit plays an important role of influencing our audience.

There were about 50 students consist of female students that had attend the talk. Therefore, we would like to give our full appreciation to those people. Best of luck. See you again.


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